WICC Ontario: Over $5,000,000 Donated to the Canadian Cancer Society

Since 1997, WICC Ontario’s total contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society has exceeded $5,000,000. At WICC Ontario’s request 100% of these funds have been directed to support funding Canada’s leading cancer research projects.  Today, over 60% of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive compared with just 25% in the 1940’s.  However, cancer is still the leading cause of premature death in Canada and this year alone an estimated 27,700 Ontarions will lose their fight with cancer.  This is why support for cancer research remains so vital.

In 2013 alone the Canadian Cancer Society, along with its generous donors, staff and partners helped to raise $85.7 million in revenues which was invested towards preventing cancer, saving lives and supporting people living with cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society is the largest charitable funder of breast cancer research, contributing close to $90 million to leading-edge research in Canada. WICC’s contributions to the CCS helps progress the fight of this disease that strikes one in nine Canadian women — breast cancer being the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Canadian women. Funding has led to important advances in screening and treatments, meaning the death rate for breast cancer has declined by 30 per cent over the past two decades, which means more women are surviving.