When the word “fundraising” is mentioned, most people think of celebrity golf tournaments, elaborate galas and ”Big Cheque” donations. However, for most non-profits, WICC included, it is the smaller, more grassroots initiatives that build our success. The benefits reaped from these initiatives are immeasurable – the awareness, enthusiasm and strength of community these events foster far outweigh that of lavish galas or even traditional corporate team building.

Many companies and individuals take a great deal of pride and enjoy the teamwork, fulfillment and fun that comes from fundraising. Running such local events in aid of community charities allows individuals and organizations more independence, creativity, and the opportunity to achieve financial goals through small donations from lots of local supporters and raise awareness for a cause, like WICC, that is near and dear to their hearts.

It is through local events such as the ones below that WICC’s mission is communicated across the country. As a result, more people are pitching in to help the fight against cancer. Feel free to rummage through the garage sale or lick your lips in anticipation of a BBQ. These are some fundraising events put on by others who are happy to share their best practices. If you’ve run an event you would like to share, please send your “toolkit” to WICC at: info@wicc.ca.

If you have held similar events in your region, we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for new and innovative ideas to share with the rest of the insurance industry. Please contact us at info@wicc.ca. Or you can join the InsTouch community and post your ideas on the WICC Ontario group page.

Permission to use WICC’s name and/or affiliation must be obtained by the Board of Directors in advance of a fundraising effort. Please contact info@wicc.ca if you or your company would like to initiate a fundraising effort.