logo-canadian_cancer-societyThe Canadian Cancer Society helps in the fight against breast cancer by funding promising research,providing information about breast cancer and screening, and offering emotional support to women with breast cancer and their families.


Since 1993, the Canadian Cancer Society has contributed more than $50 million to fund a broad range of research related both directly and indirectly to breast cancer. The Society contributes to breast cancer research through scientifically reviewed grants and through its partnership in the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative.


Trained cancer information specialists are on hand to answer questions about cancer, treatment and diagnosis as well as breast cancer screening guidelines.


Reach to Recovery is a support program specifically for women with breast cancer. Trained volunteers who are also breast cancer survivors help women work through their cancer diagnosis.


Willow Breast Cancer Support and Resource Services

Anyone in Canada with concerns about breast cancer can call Willow on their toll-free line 1-888-778-3100 or E-mail us at info@willow.org. Willow’s TTY line is 1-877-778-2009.

People with breast cancer, their family members or friends, counselors, health care workers, and students are welcome to call. When you call Willow, you can speak with another person who has experienced breast cancer and has access to up-to-date information on the disease and its treatments.

Willow’s information and support services can help you through difficult times when you need to sort through your options and make decisions about treatments.

Willow has more than 650 books, video and audiotapes, monographs and reports. We also have access to hundreds of web sites with the latest information on breast cancer treatments.

Willow’s information specialists do the work for you. They will mail or fax a package to you on whatever subject you request.