by Ellen Moore & Marilyn Horrick, WICC Ontario Co-Chairs

Over the past 20 years, WICC has been witness to the incredible support of the Canadian property and casualty community and the effects of our Board’s strategic fundraising efforts to compound those dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

Impactful milestones include:

Provincial Chapter formations (1999 through 2009
WICC / CCS partnership. Secured 100% of funds raised to be dedicated to research, bypassing admin. costs (1999)
National Sponsorship program launched. Annual donation commitments help WICC with more proactive event planning and pushed annual funds to new levels (2004)
Relay For Life WICC Event launch created new interest and incremental funds for CCS  (2009)
Innovation Grant funding began a more tangible way to highlight the impact of funds given to CCS by WICC (2011)
CCS awards WICC for consistent annual contributions and $10mm donation achievement (2014)

Since its inception in 1996, WICC’s ongoing efforts has rested on the shoulders of a fully working board. The well-attended fundraising events have been powered by our Event Chairs, Directors and our many volunteers whose passion and enthusiasm to make a difference, never fail to do so. The sheer drive and solid effort consisting of hours and hours of time is a BIG part of what continues to make WICC a thriving and relevant fundraising body in our industry. To all of our volunteers across the events, both on and off the Board, we thank you for believing that you can make a difference.

Together we can. Together we did. And together we will continue to do more.

Looking ahead, the WICC Board will be reviewing our efforts, vision and goals, as we do every year. This year’s AGM is just around the corner on August 3rd and we’ll be looking at new ways to incorporate technology to make fundraising easier, encourage participation, rally volunteer help, encourage people in their own companies and communities to help build awareness around cancer prevention, as well as raise funds.

We’ve come so far since the original WICC Board was formed back in 1996. Founding co-chairs Linda Matthews and Mabel Sansom’s vision, which began with their own Gala event, candle sales and their ‘fighting back’ message, continues to burn bright. Stepping back now in our platinum year to reflect on the over $12.6 million raised to date across the country is truly awe inspiring. This incredible accomplishment is because of you and your participation in WICCs various Chapter events in BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

Thank you for your continued support of WICC! Together we are truly making a difference and coming ever closer to our goal of eliminating cancer in our lifetime.


A look back: Original WICC board led by co-founders and co-chairs, Mabel Sansom and Linda Matthews.

A look back: Original WICC board led by co-founders and co-chairs, Mabel Sansom and Linda Matthews.