The Coquitlam Relay For Life raised $207,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Thanks to the efforts of Janice Domingo of Intact (who led the Relay warmup), there were four WICC Teams represented this year.  WICC & Friends For Life, WICC Sovereign & Friends, WICC Cansure & Friends and WICC Canstar Crusaders raised a total of $16,600 with more coming in (not too late to continue supporting your insurance colleagues –  The insurance band Habitat for Humanity entertained relayers and their band members (Greg Harrison and Tim Northup) also contributed towards the funds raised as part of WICC Cansure & Friends relay team.  Rod Chow of Jack W. Chow Insurance volunteered his time with an amazing magic show. Farzina Coladon of The Guarantee and Jacob Singh of Intact (WICC-BC board members) came out with their families to show their support.  Terry Samson of Sovereign was presented with the New WICC Team Award as team captain of WICC Sovereign & Friends.  Debbie Demar of Marsh and Mary da Costa of The Guarantee were presented with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Provincial Award for “Achievement in Outstanding Leadership” for their contribution as co-chairs of the Survivor Leadership Committee, WICC & Friends For Life relay team and 15 year Canadian Cancer Society volunteers.  Mary’s personal cancer story was also featured in the local newspaper Tri City News. Mary da Costa Tri City News Article.

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